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battery for cleaning machine in Gurgaon

Powerclean™ Tubular Floor Cleaning Machine Battery are one of the leading brand in India and manufactured with latest scientific technology from last 20 years experienced team. Powerclean™ Golf Cart and Floor Machine batteries are widely accepted by major OEMs like Speed, Krugger Brent, Dolevo, Inter Pump, Com Vac, Inventa, Kracher and others. Powerclean™ Floor Cleaning Machine Battery available with bigger storage capacities from 100 Ah to 240 Ah and with extended warranties up to 24 months. Enssures In stock available for 6 Volts-240 Ah, 8 Volts-180 Ah, 12 Volts-180Ah, 12Volts-100 Ah Floor Cleaning Machine Battery at all the times in all states of India.