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About™™, the ecommerce platform of Oorja Infotech Private Limited is an outcome of a belief based on real interactions, research, and extensive study on the thousands of retail dealer of car and inverter batteries in all India having huge range of products and services for direct sales but an un-organized on internet sales. We just made an open web and app ecommerce platform™ for all the lead acid battery dealers in India on win-win situation i.e. dealer can get sales lead as well as customer will get best prices.

We are a group of qualified engineers having extensive experience in all rounds of battery business in India. We found that there are still grey areas where seller has no big showrooms on main locality of a city or have no internet presence due to lack of knowledge and huge costing to create customise ecommerce website but have passion to serve to their customers on competitive pricings and on another hands customer has no any online reach to such dealers due to non-visible-presence of such dealers on main roads or on internet. So we have given them opportunity as an aggregator where both can find each-other on™ which is more than Big on Products range and Discounts for all India Battery Dealers to offer their services and prices so that online customer would be benefited which would may not be otherwise. We as an aggregator have made it easy for our consumers to buy car or inverter batteries online in all major cities in India. Sourced from our neighbourhood and local battery dealers in the city, our partners ensures that your batteries reach you at your doorstep within minutes. We are dedicated to ensure access to all small & big dealers, distributors or stockists of batteries, inverters and UPS that bring about sustainable change in their sales and customer will also get better batteries on lowest pricings with in their locality.

Our Vision as an aggregator is to empower retail stores from low-sales groups to become change-makers and leaders in their trade as well as offers lowest pricings to customers, thereby contributing to Nation-Building.

Our Work

Why we exist

An estimated 9 out of 10 Indian battery retailers don’t have presence on ecommerce or internet platform. This is due to lack of knowledge and cost involved to create their own ecommerce website. Only ecommerce website is not the solution that how battery kind of products can be sold online and regular updates all the times on web site for new launches and may not gets the desired results for online sales.

We™ understood the whole glitches and designed™ as an aggregator platform where dealers can freely join and start selling immediately by offering their commercials only and rest all technical and promotional support will be provided by our backend dedicated team. When customer in their locality search for the batteries for their car, inverter or ups™ will offer all the prices which are quoted from the registered dealers of their locality and customer can choose the better pricing on same product. We tried the same concept in Delhi-NCR and got good response from dealers and customers. Now we have launched our platform for all India level covering tier-1, tier-2 and tier-3 cities. We exist to empower un-organized battery retailers chain and their on-line sales skills to earn, save money and build emotional resilience and courage to have regular growth over their future.

Why Customer Needs Us

Usually customer start searching for battery as it gets break down either for their car, Inverter or UPS. They just try to recall in hurry for any Exide or Amaron dealer which they saw on highways or petrol pumps near to their location and check prices from one or two dealers for battery over the phone and got the battery installed. But question arises here only whether they got the competitive pricing and discounts on the battery they have procured? Answer is “No”. As the showrooms visible on roads or markets generally are the old retailers and sells batteries on high margins but customers have no option as only these counters are visible to them but the other dealers which are in their same locality but off locations due to their financial capacities and are not visible to such customers. What we did, we just organized such off location active dealers and placed all of them on™ and gets their quotes only rest all support look after by us. When customers search online for battery and we can offer them the prices quoted from the dealers who are near to them & have better products and services in their locality and giving opportunity to connect both of them.

We Partner With The Best

We associated partners who are the dealers or distributors of Exide, Amaron, Luminous, Livguard etc. for batteries, inverters and UPS systems. Our team ensures their GST registration and compliance of after sales services terms. We ensure fast and reliable B2C service to our customers through app based application and easily traceable for lead time and charges if any.

Get involved to make a difference

Partner with us Let's make a difference!

Partnerships make it possible to create significant multiplier effect that otherwise would be difficult to achieve. If you are a dealer of any of the renowned brand of Battery, Invertes, UPS or Solar Products that aligns to our purpose and understand the importance of better pricing to customers with the right selection of batteries and after sales support, then do reach out to us on the email …...


We offer opportunities, the support of a BATTERYBIGBAZAAR.COM™ that is owned by M/S Oorja Infotech Private Limited, that is technically stable and has been in battery business for over 30 years.™ is a Indian battery dealers community, operating in more than 100 cities and territories, ready to offer ecommerce sales support and a promotion plan, that has paid out more bugs than any other on-line selling company.


To start your own ONLINE business, you need to register with us at™ and fill the form at “sell with us” , which enables you to begin earning income through extra sales leads of your area and of customers who are searching for the products you have in your locality which you may not find otherwise as these customers are searching online and we offers you the ready made online platform to present yourself in your area.


A™ business leads helps you for selling car batteries, inverter batteries, inverters, ups and more to the customers who are out of your reach due to your location, non presence on internet or others. Your rewards grow with your business. You earn income from retail profit, monthly performance bonuses, monthly and annual leadership bonuses, and other cash and business incentives based on on-line sales performance. We support you by providing world-class online resources, such as customer support, real-time exchange of sales leads, product updates, new launches, big discounts and sales promotions. You'll also enjoy the confidence of online business with a supportive and trusted company that has been in business for over 30 years, and a strong online sales experience of Sellers who can help you every step of the way and support you in reaching your chosen goals.